The cryptocurrency landscape may be on the brink of welcoming a significant influx of capital through a novel mechanism known as “Initial Points Offering”, according to IntoTheBlock’s On-chain Insights. Historically, the evolution of funding models in the crypto sector, such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) post-Ethereum launch

While it remains a matter of debate when the FED will start reducing interest rates, there are many different opinions on this issue. While the FED's statements signaled that March may be improbable for the first interest rate cut and all eyes are on May for the first rate cut, Goldman Sachs thinks differently. At

StarkWare, developer of Starknet (STRK), announced a significant change to its token locking program for early participants and investors. The decision came after the backlash the company received from its ecosystem partners and collaborators. StarkWare has decided to make its lock-in program more gradual for its early participants an

Notcoin popped onto crypto gamers’ radar at the start of the year, as millions of Telegram players flocked to the chat app’s curious coin-tapping distraction—and were apparently mining billions of Notcoin in the process. But there was a curious catch: the coins weren’t real, at least not in the on-chain cryptocurrency sort of