Mercedes-Benz NXT and Mojito Introduce ‘The Era of Technology’ NFT Collection

Mercedes-Benz NXT and Mojito Introduce ‘The Era of Technology’ NFT Collection

Mercedes-Benz NXT and Mojito are set to launch of the highly anticipated Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons Collection: “The Era of Technology.” This partnership marks a significant milestone in the convergence of automotive heritage and digital innovation.

The Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons Collection represents a celebration of Mercedes-Benz’s rich design legacy. Through a contemporary reimagining of its most iconic designs, Mercedes-Benz NXT aims to bridge the gap between the past, present, and future of automotive excellence.

Crafted by the esteemed Mercedes-Benz design team under the leadership of Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener, this collection is divided into seven distinct eras, each highlighting selected highlights from the brand’s storied history.

“The Era of Technology” is the second chapter in the Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons Collection, focusing on Mercedes-Benz cars produced between 2000 and 2017. This era symbolizes a period of unprecedented technological advancement and innovation, as Mercedes-Benz led the charge in integrating cutting-edge technologies into its vehicles.

From advanced assistance systems to groundbreaking powertrains and connectivity solutions, this era epitomizes the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence.

Mercedes-Benz NXT x Mojito Partnership

Neil Mullins, Mojito’s CTO, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are extremely excited to be partners with Mercedes-Benz NXT, as we collaborate to onboard the next phase of Web3 users.”
“Mojito’s technologies support Mercedes-Benz NXT’s Web3 ecosystem, ensuring that every collector interaction is as seamless as it is transformative. Our goal is to blend the familiarity of Web2 with the innovation of Web3, enabling Mercedes-Benz NXT to offer their collectors a smooth user experience.”

Neil Mullins, Mojito’s CTO
“The Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons collection is a celebration of Mercedes-Benz’s automotive design heritage,” said Sebastian Ihler, Co-founder and Head of Product 0xNXT GmbH. “For the first time, we are offering Mercedes-Benz’s most emblematic car designs as digital collectibles across seven distinct drops with very limited supply.

It was exhilarating to witness the design team – the same people behind the creation of Mercedes-Benz cars – experiment with designs that are only possible in the digital world, such as dynamic car paint colors and patterns. This collection not only commemorates Mercedes-Benz’s past but also pioneers the future of digital collectability.

The newest drop – the second one in the collection – will feature six of the most iconic cars produced from 2000 to 2017.”

Mint Details

Opening Mint Date and Time: Minting begins on May 21 at 6:00 PM CET.
Duration: The minting window spans seven days, concluding on May 28.
Supply: Limited to 780 digital collectibles.
Price: Fixed at 0.08 ETH, offering tiered discounts through tokengating to eligible participants.


The Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons’ “The Era of Technology” collection boasts 62 distinct traits, each contributing to the uniqueness of the digital collectibles. Featuring six featured vehicles, such as the Maybach Landaulet and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé, these traits are organized into five visible categories:

Vehicle Model: Showcasing iconic Mercedes-Benz models.
Vehicle Color: Merging real-world hues with digitally crafted shades, offering options from classic to avant-garde.
Card Effect: Adding dynamic depth to the digital collectibles.
Card Front: Presenting a spectrum of colors from traditional to bold.
Card Back: Revealing textures like carbon and fabric, along with vibrant effects and era-specific branding as the card rotates.


A 30% discount is offered to collectors of previous core collections (Maschine, Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons, Mercedes-Benz NXT Eternities).
Superdackel holders enjoy a 15% discount.
Discounts are applicable per token in the wallet.

Eligibility and Process

After wallet connection, eligible tokens and perks are displayed.
Mint passes and discounts can be applied seamlessly during the minting process.
Minting is open to all, with mint pass holders entitled to one free mint (excluding gas) or reduced pricing.
Mint passes are burned upon use.

Mint Passes

Issued as a gesture of appreciation to collectors of “Maschine” and Mercedes-Benz NXT Eternities.
Each pass allows one free mint (excluding gas) or reduced pricing.
The pass is automatically burned upon redemption.

Continuing the Legacy

Mercedes-Benz NXT has a rich history of producing digital collectibles that embody the brand’s legacy of excellence and innovation. Previous collections, including “Maschine,” Mercedes-Benz NXT Eternities, and “The Era of Luxury,” have garnered acclaim for their artistic merit and attention to detail.

Through its partnership with Mojito and its unwavering commitment to innovation, Mercedes-Benz NXT continues to redefine the boundaries of digital art and collectability. As collectors eagerly await the minting of these iconic tokens, the future of digital collectibles has never looked brighter.

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