XRPL-Based Coreum Secures Listing on Latin American Exchange Bit2Me

XRPL-Based Coreum Secures Listing on Latin American Exchange Bit2Me

Coreum (CORE), an XRPL-based token, secures a listing on leading Latin American Exchange Bit2Me alongside a partnership with the University of California.

Coreum (CORE) has recently been integrated into Bit2Me, an exchange in Spain and Latin America. This integration is part of Coreum’s ongoing efforts to enhance interoperability within the crypto sector.

Coreum is now live on @bit2me, the leading regulated exchange in Spain and LATAM.

While bringing $COREUM to new markets, Bit2Me enables diverse use cases on the platform such as instant transfers via email or phone number, #crypto payments for e-commerce, and more.

Now Live:… pic.twitter.com/nqlxLrODfW

— Coreum (@CoreumOfficial) May 9, 2024

With its listing on Bit2Me, Coreum is now accessible to a wider audience in the burgeoning markets of Spain and Latin America. Bit2Me offers a suite of services that complement Coreum’s offerings, including the ability to conduct instant transfers via email or phone number, and the facilitation of cryptocurrency payments for e-commerce.

On the same day, Coreum also announced a partnership with the University of California, Santa Barbara through its University Ambassador Program. This collaboration will feature during the upcoming UCSB Blockchain Summit, further highlighting Coreum’s commitment to fostering education and engagement in the blockchain community.

Fast Transactions Meet Modern Finance Needs

Coreum, built on top of Tendermint and Cosmos SDK, is designed to handle enterprise-scale operations with a transaction speed capability of up to 7,000 transactions per second (TPS). Its architecture is compliant with ISO20022 standards, facilitating efficient cross-border settlements.

As earlier reported by The Crypto Basic, Coreum launched a bridge to the XRP Ledger (XRPL), allowing seamless transactions between the two chains and enhancing liquidity for its users. There was a surge in volume of XRP tokens bridged to the Coreum network by market participants in April.

Bit2Me on its hand supports multi-currency operations, allowing users to manage both Coreum and traditional money efficiently. The platform’s flexibility extends to creating multiple wallets in different currencies, tailored to various spending needs such as holiday savings or monthly budgeting.

Coreum Suffers Market Decline

Despite these technological strides and market expansions, Coreum’s market price has faced downward pressure. Currently priced at $0.0951, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,834,419.43, it has experienced a 2.66% decline in the last day and a 6.40% fall over the past week.

These figures indicate a challenging environment for Coreum, especially when contrasted with the broader cryptocurrency market’s slight downturn of 0.10% and other similar cryptocurrencies, which have collectively risen by 5.70%. On the social engagement front, Coreum’s visibility in cryptocurrency-related discussions has shown fluctuations correlating with its market activity, per Santiment data.

At its peak in December 2023, Coreum achieved a high trending rank on social platforms, indicating a spike in public interest and discussion during that period. However, this interest has seen a decline following the peak, as evidenced by a downward trend in social volume and engagement metrics.

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