50+ Beribit Depositors Storm Office Claiming 400M+ Refunds: Report

50+ Beribit Depositors Storm Office Claiming 400M+ Refunds: Report

According to a recent report, 50+ customers of the Russian crypto exchange Beribit approached the company’s office demanding for their 400 million rubles stuck in the exchange. However, as per a video circulating across various media, these customers were given chocolates instead of money.

Reportedly, the customers gathered around the office on April 26 at about 11 a.m. They claimed that they had not been able to withdraw their funds over the past few days. They added that there were no issues at the time of depositing.

The report stated that the office employees tried to escape through the backdoor, but the fierce public blocked them and called the police. Subsequently, the employees “tearfully promise [d]” to pay back 50% of the investment and agreed to facilitate the withdrawal of the rest within 1-15 days. However, the circulating video revealed that the customers were only given promises and chocolates.

In Moscow, depositors of the crypto exchange Beribit were given chocolates instead of money

Approximately $4.3 million of investors’ funds are frozen in the accounts of the crypto exchange. Customers have been storming the office for the second day, demanding their money back.… pic.twitter.com/udvlommsOI

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) April 27, 2024

Meanwhile, the State Duma legislators introduced a bill that is expected to put a ban on crypto exchanges in the country. However, the bill would permit crypto transactions and mining firms registered with the authority. The bill is also expected to ban advertisements promoting crypto. The bill stated,

In Russia, the organization of circulation of digital currency is prohibited. The exception is the mining of digital currency and the operation of mining pools. Advertising of digital currencies and advertising of the organization of digital currency circulation are also prohibited.

In a Telegram post, Beribit announced the recent changes the company has embraced. The firm asserted that the management has decided to conduct a thorough balance sheet audit to identify and tackle the inconsistencies.

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