DOP secures $162 million in its token sale

DOP secures $162 million in its token sale

Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) announced today the successful raise of $162 million in its pre-launch token sale. Users from Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible networks might choose which assets they display on DOP’s solution, addressing the issue of excessive transparency on public blockchains, and the protocol’s mainnet is set to launch on May 2024.

The protocol also conducted an incentivized testnet run, registering 2.7 million users who became eligible to claim DOP tokens on Mar. 29, according to an X post.

Moreover, DOP shared in the announcement its commitment to regulatory compliance, as it positions itself as a pro-regulation entity, ready to adapt to current and future legal frameworks. The platform uses technologies like zk-SNARKs to ensure transaction validation without compromising data privacy, aligning with both privacy concerns and regulatory standards.

“First of all, we must express immense gratitude to our dedicated community for this remarkable achievement,” says Kohji Hirokado, Co-Founder at DOP. “During our testnet launch, our community was instrumental in helping the team shore up the protocol’s features and identify any possible vulnerabilities, and that continued invaluable support is responsible for this token sale. It’s been a while since the crypto world has seen a token sale quite like this, and it underscores our innovative approach to data ownership. By leveraging blockchain technology, we aim to empower individuals with complete control over their data, ensuring privacy, security, and the opportunity to partake in the value it generates.”

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