Alchemy Pay Partners with Astar Network to Enhance Cryptocurrency Accessibility

Alchemy Pay Partners with Astar Network to Enhance Cryptocurrency Accessibility

Alchemy Pay, a popular payment gateway that converts fiat to cryptocurrency, partnered with the Japanese blockchain platform Astar Network. This partnership aims to boost global connectivity and cryptocurrency use. Astar’s blockchain technology and a native token $ASTR will make buying $ASTR with fiat currency easier on Alchemy Pay’s Ramp platform. This will open up and improve the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Earlier, Alchemy Pay partnered with Fusionist to streamline $ACE tokens.

.#AlchemyPay is collaborating with @AstarNetwork to integrate Astar zkEVM & its native token ASTR on our Ramp.

It will expand accessibility & enhance the user experience for those seeking to engage with ASTR through fiat transactions.$ACH

— Alchemy Pay|$ACH: Fiat-Crypto Payment Gateway (@AlchemyPay) March 20, 2024

Astar Network Launches zkEVM Mainnet

Astar Network, a popular blockchain protocol in Japan, supports a global Web3 vision for individuals and businesses. Astar’s ever-changing environment fosters growth and innovation. They want companies and people worldwide to use Web3 technologies. The recent launch of the Astar zkEVM mainnet with Polygon Labs shows that Astar is ready to tackle adoption and scalability issues. Being the first chain to use Polygon AggLayer makes Astar zkEVM better at working with and crossing other chains, so this mainnet integration is important.

Moreover, On-Ramp from Alchemy Pay allows users convert fiat currency to cryptocurrencies. It has wide compatibility and smooth transactions. Alchemy Pay is active in 173 countries, making cryptocurrency purchases easy with multiple payment methods. Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are examples. Alchemy Pay’s network of over 300 local payment channels allows users to access local mobile wallets and simplify checkout.

Astar Network Collaboration with Alchemy Pay Streamlines Fiat-to-Crypto Transactions

Alchemy Pay seeks payment and financial services licenses in various areas and is committed to security and compliance. This proactive approach improves rule compliance and user safety. Alchemy Pay received its third US Money Transmitter License in March. This added to its four regulatory licenses in Canada, Europe, Indonesia, and the US. Two leaders in the sector, Visa and Mastercard, have also approved Alchemy Pay. This boosts its third-party payment service reliability.

Alchemy Pay and Astar Network’s partnership benefits cryptocurrency users in many ways. First, adding $ASTR to Alchemy Pay’s Ramp platform makes buying the token with fiat currency easier, making it more accessible. Making $ASTR easier to obtain encourages growth and increases the number of cryptocurrency users who use it.

Ultimately, Astar’s growth and collaboration with other chains, along with Alchemy Pay’s global network and payment options, make cryptocurrency use easy for individuals and businesses. Eventually, Alchemy Pay’s commitment to security and legality ensures that users can shop with confidence.

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