Bitdeer Technologies Group Deploys NVIDIA DGX H100 SuperPOD

Bitdeer Technologies Group Deploys NVIDIA DGX H100 SuperPOD

Bitdeer Technologies Group is a leading blockchain and high-performance computing company. Today it has announced the successful deployment and testing of its NVIDIA DGX H100 SuperPOD system. Bitdeer is the first Asian cloud service platform to offer NVIDIA DGX H100 SuperPOD.

Exciting News! 📢
We have deployed and tested the @nvidia DGX H100 SuperPOD system ahead of schedule, making us the first cloud service platform in Asia to offer this service!

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— Bitdeer (@BitdeerOfficial) March 18, 2024

Bitdeer Expands AI Cloud Services with Advanced Computing Resources

Louis Xu, Bitdeer’s AI Cloud Manager, is pleased with the early NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD deployment. He credits Bitdeer’s technical expertise and teamwork for speeding up procurement, deployment, testing, and verification. Bitdeer AI Cloud can now offer advanced computing resources and services thanks to this achievement. It meets the growing demand for HPC and AI applications, helping AI technology and applications grow quickly.

Bitdeer provides powerful computers for AI training, inference, and massive data processing. The NVIDIA DGX H100 SuperPOD system uses the best NVIDIA hardware, software, and networking technology to be scalable, efficient, and easy to set up. NVIDIA AI Enterprise completes Bitdeer’s HPC and AI solution for businesses, research institutions, and government agencies in many fields.

A partnership with NVIDIA uses top-of-the-line GPU processing for large language models (LLMs) and hard computer tasks in finance, education, technology, healthcare, and other fields. Bitdeer’s AI Cloud helps businesses streamline workflows, expand opportunities, and make AI more accessible. Businesses of all sizes can adopt AI more easily.

Bitdeer helps Asian businesses transform with cutting-edge, high-performance computing solutions. A successful deployment is a big step in that direction. The infrastructure is scalable to meet changing business needs and perform well.

Bitdeer Empowers Businesses with NVIDIA DGX H100 SuperPOD

Bitdeer’s purchase of the NVIDIA DGX H100 SuperPOD system is a smart investment in cutting-edge technology infrastructure that will enable AI’s powerful features. Businesses can accelerate AI projects, improve processes, and generate new ideas with the system’s high-performance computing.

Furthermore, Bitdeer’s partnership with NVIDIA shows its commitment to providing cutting-edge AI and HPC solutions that meet changing market needs. Bitdeer’s AI Cloud can now serve businesses, research institutions, and government agencies with the NVIDIA DGX H100 SuperPOD. Bitdeer wants this deployment to boost AI innovation in Asia.

Lastly, the NVIDIA DGX H100 SuperPOD deployment was completed early, demonstrating Bitdeer’s technical expertise, operational efficiency, and customer service. Bitdeer will lead the region in high-performance computing and artificial intelligence by providing cutting-edge solutions that let companies use AI.

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