Financial Journalist Alan Kohler: Bitcoin Is an ‘Insurrection’

Financial Journalist Alan Kohler: Bitcoin Is an ‘Insurrection’

Alan Kohler, an Australian financial journalist, stated Bitcoin is an “insurrection,” given the tightly controlled rules that control the conditions behind its operation. Kohler explained that while bitcoin crashed tremendously in 2022, it constituted a “subversion to the whole basis of free-market financial capitalism” due to its regulated supply and controlled issuance,

Adam Kohler States Bitcoin Is Not a Ponzi or a Bubble, but an Insurrection

Traditional investors and journalists are starting to warm up to the idea of bitcoin as a disruptive asset for the financial system. Adam Kohler, an Australian financial journalist, has praised bitcoin for its predictability, even with the volatility that has characterized the first cryptocurrency until now.

In an op-ed issued on March 6, Kohler disregarded the allegations of traditional finance personalities who predicted the downfall of bitcoin during the cryptocurrency crash in 2022. “A lot of people felt vindicated and many were inclined to predict, perhaps a bit too gleefully on reflection, that it would go to zero,” Kohler stressed.

However, this did not happen, and Bitcoin recovered to reach record highs. Kohler recognized this growth, explaining that while bitcoin will probably crash again, it won’t go to zero and will confuse experts and analysts who fail to understand the relevance of bitcoin in today’s geopolitical and financial circumstances. “Skeptics are doomed to be perpetually perplexed,” he wrote.

Considering all of the code and conditions that control bitcoin’s issuance and its operation, Kohler stated:

It is (bitcoin) an inherently secure, tightly-controlled asset with a regulated supply, and is therefore a subversion to the whole basis of free-market financial capitalism.

Kohler finally stated that while ponzis and bubbles were part of the financial system, an asset that regulates itself like bitcoin is an “insurrection.”

With the recent price hike and the upcoming halving, others have acknowledged the relevance of bitcoin for the future of the geopolitical landscape. Balaji Srinivasan, former CTO of Coinbase, recently stated that bitcoin was a “political revolution,” predicting that nation-states who fail to comprehend its value will try to seize it from citizens later.

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