Record-breaking week for NFT market as sales top $412m

Record-breaking week for NFT market as sales top $412m

Recent data from has shown a significant uptick in the non-fungible token (NFT) market, with sales over the last seven days reaching $412,384,130, a 35.14% increase from the previous week’s figures.

This marks the third consecutive week of growth in the NFT sector. Among the 21 blockchains analyzed, Bitcoin led the sales volume with $154.82 million, representing a 103.29% increase. Ethereum followed closely with sales amounting to $153.94 million, indicating a 10.60% growth in ETH-based NFT transactions.

Other blockchains, including Solana, BNB Chain, and Mythos Chain, also reported increases in their NFT sales, contributing to the overall rise in market activity. The growth in sales across these diverse platforms highlights the expanding interest and investment in the NFT space.

Leading collections and high-value sales

The week’s data also spotlighted specific collections that drove the market’s performance. Bitcoin’s Uncategorized Ordinals collection was the highest-grossing, with sales of $39,037,963, marking a 213.99% increase from the preceding week. The Nodemonkes collection followed, generating $32,648,037 in sales.

Additional collections like Pandora, Creepz, and Cryptopunks were among the top five in sales volume, showcasing the variety and appeal of NFTs available to collectors and investors.

A notable transaction within this period was the sale of a Bitcoin NFT named “Burgie” for $1.44 million, the highest for the week. Other significant sales included a Solana-based NFT sold for $1.1 million and an Ethereum NFT, “Lif3 v3 Position,” which went for $597,800. These high-value transactions emphasize the lucrative nature of the market and the willingness of collectors to invest substantial amounts in digital assets.

The data underlines the continued growth and dynamism within the NFT market, driven by a broad range of collections and significant sales across multiple blockchains.

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