Web Registry GoDaddy, Ethereum Name Service Connect Domain Names With Crypto Wallets

Web Registry GoDaddy, Ethereum Name Service Connect Domain Names With Crypto Wallets

Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a domain name protocol that runs atop of Ethereum, reached an agreement with GoDaddy to allow users to link internet domains to their ENS addresses for free.

Web3 adoption by mainstream companies slowed down during the bear market, but the deal between ENS and GoDaddy, the largest internet domain registry, might signal a renewed interest in connecting blockchain with traditional technologies.

“Beyonce owns Beyonce.xyz, and now she can set up a wallet just by going into the GoDaddy page and entering your address,” Nick Johnson, the founder of ENS, told CoinDesk as an example. “Now Beyonce.xyz is her wallet identifier for all intents and purposes.”

Eventually, the goal will be to integrate more chains beyond Ethereum.

“Right now you can use this integration to set your Ethereum address, but going forward, it ought to be possible to do this for addresses for all chains to set text records, so you can make your .xyz or your .com, your Web3 profile.”

The announcement comes as ENS is still in court with GoDaddy, after they sued them over the sale of an ENS domain “eth.link.”

“I guess, you know, you can have a disagreement with somebody over one thing but still remain good friends and still be happy to partner on other things. And, we see eye-to-eye on a lot of things,” Johnson told CoinDesk. The eth.link case is still open in court, according to Johnson.

“I think naming and Web3 work better when we don’t try and pretend that legacy systems don’t exist, and try and reinvent everything from scratch, but instead build systems that work off and build on top of existing systems,” Johnson added.

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