XRP Delivers Hidden Bullish Signal

XRP Delivers Hidden Bullish Signal

XRP is currently exhibiting what could be a hidden bullish signal. This signal is not reflected in price movements or patterns on the chart but rather in the underlying market dynamics — specifically, a surging volume of liquidated XRP short orders.

As bears find themselves caught in a tight spot after even slight upticks in price, the potential for a liquidity squeeze in favor of bulls looms, setting the stage for a possible upward volatility surge.


The recent market activity has seen bears scrambling to cover positions, indicating that the market may be underestimating the latent bullish sentiment among XRP investors. This scenario becomes particularly interesting as XRP’s price teeters on crucial support and resistance levels observable in the provided price chart.

As we analyze the chart, we see that XRP has been testing a resistance level at approximately $0.5779, with a notable support base forming around $0.5386. Should the price break through this resistance level, bolstered by the squeeze on short sellers, we could witness an accelerated growth trajectory.

The increase in buy orders necessary to cover short positions could fuel a rapid price increase, potentially pushing the price to test the next resistance level at the $0.60 mark.

The chart indicates that a bullish scenario is plausible, with the MACD showing a potential for a bullish crossover, and the RSI hovering around 41.66, suggesting that XRP is neither overbought or oversold. This neutral RSI position gives room for upside movement without immediate overbought concerns.

The growth scenario for XRP, grounded in the liquidation data, posits a ripple effect where a minor price increase triggers a cascade of short coverings, propelling the price upward.

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