Shardeum Unveils Ambitious Three-Phase Airdrop Initiative

Shardeum Unveils Ambitious Three-Phase Airdrop Initiative

  • Shardeum’s incentivized testnet introduces a three-phase airdrop for early contributors.
  • 3.6 million SHM tokens distributed among 35,281 addresses in Phase 1.

In the trending airdrop season, one that caught the eye of the community is Shardeum, an EVM-based L1 blockchain. It is on the verge of introducing its incentivized testnet, accompanied by a comprehensive three-phase airdrop initiative. This strategic move aims to acknowledge and reward early contributors who have played pivotal roles in the growth of the Shardeum ecosystem.

The upcoming Phase 1 of the airdrop will witness the distribution of 3.6 million SHM tokens among 35,281 eligible wallet addresses. These addresses represent a diverse range of contributors, both off-chain and on-chain, including social media advocates, content creators, community moderators, node runners, governance participants, developers, and node validators.

📢 Shardeum Airdrop: Phase 1 Update

We want YOUR feedback on rewarding the early contributors who have supported Shardeum through blogs, Twitter threads, video, running validator nodes, Leagues & more!

Give us your suggestions & feedback ⬇️

— Shardeum ⚛️ (@shardeum) February 2, 2024

SHM, Shardeum’s native coin, boasts a maximum supply of 508 million tokens, strategically allocated across various categories such as community rewards, sales, team, foundation, and ecosystem

Random selection criteria have been incorporated to ensure a broad participation, spanning from off-chain contributions to node validation. Contributors may receive SHM amounts ranging from 50 to 10,000 based on their involvement and impact.

The eligibility period for contributors spans from Feb 2, 2022, to the cutoff date, set a day before the incentivized testnet launch. Shardeum is set to release a comprehensive announcement, including beneficiary information and eligibility criteria, in the coming days.

While the claiming process for Phase 1 is yet to be announced, Shardeum encourages interested individuals to stay tuned for further updates. The team emphasizes that participation in the incentivized testnet not only provides an opportunity to earn SHM tokens but also enables contributors to actively shape the future trajectory of the Shardeum platform.

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