Gate Charity Attributes Its Success to Blockchain Implementation at Initial Anniversary

Gate Charity Attributes Its Success to Blockchain Implementation at Initial Anniversary

Gate Charity, a blockchain-powered philanthropic organization founded by the crypto exchange, is marking its first anniversary today, January 31, 2024. According to the organization, this anniversary concludes a year of an impressive track record with the delivery of 123 charitable events.

On its first anniversary, Gate Charity noted that its events impacted over 141,000 individuals across 16 countries and regions. It also acknowledged the impact of blockchain technology in enabling the achievement of its charity goals in the past year. According to the organization, blockchain technology has opened new doors for charitable fundraising that are transparent, open, and accessible to all.

Beyond accepting popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Gate Charity employed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to facilitate its activities. It enabled the transfer of ownable digital artwork on the blockchain. Hence, the organization mixed it with volunteer-based action to generate impact.

Some of Gate Charity’s notable events in the past year include generating support for victims of the 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquake. It also provided relief for those affected by the Noto earthquake in Japan. According to the organization, it leveraged the speed and transparency of blockchain technology to raise funds for the disaster victims.

Furthermore, the organization claimed Anak Dalam, an indigenous, underrepresented, and poverty-stricken community in Indonesia, would be one of its priorities. Gate Charity noted that it has launched a fundraiser titled ‘Right of Education for Anak Dalam’ in partnership with SEAD Jambi. The project aims to support educational and social programs tailored to the tribe’s unique culture and lifestyle.

Gate Charity attributes its success to the innovative approach of combining traditional charitable work with NFT fundraisers. It acknowledged the role of its network of volunteers and the accessible nature of its fundraising model. According to the organization, such attributes enable it to support several causes across nearly every continent.

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