Ethereum and Polkadot wallet launches a multisig workflow solution

Ethereum and Polkadot wallet launches a multisig workflow solution

Ethereum’s (ETH) and Polkadot’s (DOT) wallet application, Talisman Wallet, launched Signet’s private beta on January 30. Signet is an enterprise workflow management and multisig solution for on-chain organizations.

Following the launch, Signet Lead Willian Chen explained how his product aligns with the Web3 needs to assist institutional operations.

“The Web3 world must adapt to the complex needs of modern on-chain organizations, and this solution, which can be thought of as an operating system for blockchain financial operations, does just that. Signet improves organization workflow and enables signers to execute Multisig transactions more efficiently than ever.”

— William Chen, Signet Lead

Aside from workflow process management, Signet is committed to data privacy, “offering several built-in features to support the Aleph Zero (AZERO) ecosystem,” as communicated to Finbold.

Signet to join the Polkadot ecosystem

Notably, the Talisman Wallet is a popular choice for over 7,000 users, according to the team. These users have staked 5 million DOT using Talisman, worth $33.35 million considering Polkadot’s current price of $6.67.

Therefore, Signet Multisigs will be able to connect with thousands of decentralized applications (dApps) throughout the Polkadot ecosystem.

Erin Grasmick, Technical Lead of Infrastructure & Data at Parity Technologies, said the following:

“Signet is a fantastic addition to the Polkadot ecosystem and fills a much-needed gap in the multisig space. The talent behind the beloved UX and design of the Talisman wallet have applied their years of experience to streamlining multisig signing – and the result is a product that has all the usability we’ve come to expect from this team. The work put in, and the attention to detail given should benefit anyone with a complex multisig workflow immensely. I’m very excited to see where future development takes the project.”

– Erin Grasmick

In conclusion, Talisman Wallet’s Signet targets figures involved in the Polkadot ecosystem, particularly on-chain enterprises and large institutions. As Signet embarks on its journey with the Private Beta program, it encourages interested parties to explore the future of enterprise workflow management and Multisig solutions in the blockchain space.

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