XRP Whales Reach New 10-year Milestone: Details

XRP Whales Reach New 10-year Milestone: Details

According to a recent report published by on-chain data aggregator Santiment, XRP Ledger has seen the emergence of the highest number of small XRP wallets in more than ten years. Besides, over the past three years, one more significant milestone has been achieved.

In the meantime, XRP whales’ activity is rising as this week, they have transferred hundreds of millions of XRP to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Number of XRP whales skyrockets

Santiment’s recently published tweet has revealed that the XRP Ledger now boasts 5.02 million wallets that contain more than zero XRP coins. The report stresses that this is the highest number of whale addresses over the whole 10+ years of XRP’s public trading.

Compared to today’s figures, for example, on January 31, the total count of wallets with more than zero XRP in them stood at 1.5 million, Santiment reveals. the sixth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization value, XPR, has added more than 2x of these wallets within the last three years – that is plus 104% in terms of the wallet network expansion.

📈 #XRPLedger now has 5.02M distinct wallets that hold more than 0 $XRP coins, the most in its now 10+ years of public trading years. The #6 asset in #crypto by market cap has more than doubled such wallets in 3 years (+104%) as the network expands. https://t.co/YZBcHsOuSS pic.twitter.com/o0m6PKE0Re

— Santiment (@santimentfeed) January 27, 2024

XRP contract listed on Gemini

Earlier this week, the Gemini crypto exchange founded and run by the Winklevoss twins finally announced the listing of an XRP/GUSD perpetual contract after several days of teasing this new major listing to their community.

On January 21, 22 and 23, the exchange Twitter account published intriguing posts which stated “Don’t forget about xrp,” “xcited about XRP” and “xriving shortly.” The cryptocurrency community was puzzled until the exchange revealed the true meaning of their tweets.

Perpetual contracts are a widely-used type of derivatives that allow traders to bet on a price of an underlying cryptocurrency without any certain date of expiry. Aside, from XRP/GUSD, Gemini offers the following perpetual contracts – BTC/GUSD, ETH/GUSD and PEPE/GUSD.

Max Keiser predicts XRP to go to $0.01

Prominent Bitcoiner and altcoin hater Max Keiser has been recently taking a dig at XRP to make ultra-bearish predictions on it and calling XRP “centralized garbage”. In a tweet published a week ago, he stated he expects the six biggest crypto to drop to $0.01. Later, he published another tweet to say that XRP is about to go to virtual zero against Bitcoin.

He also made similar predictions about SOL.

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