ZKFair Mainnet hits $324M TVL amid 10+ exchange listings and Gas fee airdrops

ZKFair Mainnet hits $324M TVL amid 10+ exchange listings and Gas fee airdrops

In a month filled with groundbreaking achievements, the ZKFair Mainnet has surged into the spotlight of the cryptocurrency world.

With a $324 million Total Value Locked (TVL), innovative Gas fee Airdrops, and strategic token listings, ZKFair, a project powered by Polygon CDK, Celestia DA, and Lumoz RaaS, is rewriting the narrative of fairness in the ZK ecosystem.

ZKFair’s fair launch model

ZKFair stands out in the competitive crypto landscape by embracing a 100% fair launch model, challenging the unfair practices prevalent in the ZK ecosystem. The project addresses issues like overvaluation and lack of participation through a fully community-driven approach.

A quarter of ZKF tokens were airdropped to users who engaged with networks like Polygon zkEVM, ZKSpace, zkSync, Linea, Scroll, and holders of Lumoz loyalty points. The remaining 75% was distributed through Gas fee Airdrops, creating a strong foundation for the community.

ZKFair’s recent milestones and achievements

The achievements of ZKFair in the past month are nothing short of remarkable.

The Mainnet is not only online but operating seamlessly, boasting a peak TVL of $324 million. The Gas Fee Airdrop campaign, concluding successfully, drew over 200,000 participants, consuming a total gas of more than 100 million USDC.

ZKF tokens, with a total supply of 10 billion, were listed on more than 10 exchanges, including Bybit, Kucoin, Bitget, Gate, HTX, MEXC, and BitMart, enhancing liquidity and market recognition.

ZKFair’s L2 Gas Fee Profit Sharing

A pivotal moment in ZKFair’s journey is the launch of L2 Gas Fee Profit Sharing. With over 2.6 billion ZKF tokens staked and 40,000 unique staking addresses, the community is actively participating in this groundbreaking model. 75% of the total profit goes to ZKF stakers, while the remaining 25% supports DApp developers, showcasing ZKFair’s commitment to community-driven growth.

Looking forward, ZKFair is not resting on its laurels. The ambitious $10 billion target is not just a fantasy but a well-thought-out goal. The recently launched staking feature, with its increasing volume and distributed USDC rewards, paves the way for deeper community engagement.

Cross-chain integration of BTC L2 assets is also in the pipeline, demonstrating ZKFair’s commitment to evolving with the industry’s demands. The establishment of an on-chain ecosystem remains a top priority, with over 100 projects expressing interest. Notable partnerships and collaborations, including .zkf domain name services with SPACE ID and deployment of the Element NFT project, underline ZKFair’s commitment to a diverse and thriving ecosystem.

With these milestones and plans, ZKFair is poised to reshape the landscape of the ZK ecosystem, ushering in a new era of fairness and community-driven innovation.

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