XRP Might Drop Another 10%, Here’s What Happens After

XRP Might Drop Another 10%, Here’s What Happens After

As 2024 unfolds, XRP has encountered a critical decline, shedding over 15% from its recent peak, now hovering around the $0.52 mark. The diminishing volume suggests that the current downturn could be losing momentum in the short term, yet there remains a lack of substantial support levels below the current price.

The next notable line of defense for XRP is at the $0.47 support level, a threshold that has historically proven resilient, rebounding from it thrice in the past, most notably in October. This history could well be a prelude to another bounce back.


XRP, primarily recognized for its transactional utility and as a medium of exchange, currently does not offer extensive value in other domains, especially when compared to Solana or Ethereum. Moreover, ongoing legal quandaries cast a shadow, forming a compelling bearish narrative for the asset, contributing to the recent price depreciation.

Looking ahead, it is important to stay cautious considering the unpredictability of XRP and its inability to follow general trends on the market. If XRP breaches the $0.47 support, it may trigger a further 10% fall, potentially settling around the $0.42 to $0.43 range before finding a new bedrock for price stabilization. However, the $0.47 level has historical significance and could once again act as a springboard for recovery if it holds strong.

It is paramount to note that the legal issues surrounding XRP are a double-edged sword, capable of either fueling a rally or aggravating a decline based on the outcomes of any proceedings. Should there be favorable legal developments, we could witness a swift sentiment reversal, propelling XRP back toward the $0.60 resistance level, and potentially higher if broader market conditions are supportive.

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