Shiba Inu Team Pushes for SHIB Integration in X Payments

Shiba Inu Team Pushes for SHIB Integration in X Payments

In anticipation of X Payments, Shiba Inu marketing lead Lucie explains why SHIB deserves to be included in the service.

Shiba Inu community members have launched a campaign to push for SHIB’s inclusion into the upcoming payments feature of Elon Musk’s X.

Crypto Users React as X Creates Dedicated Account For Its Payments Service

It bears mentioning that the team behind X recently took a major step toward the official launch of X payments by creating a dedicated account for the service.

X Payments account

Reacting to the development, the crypto community took to the social media platform to speculate that the service might support crypto assets and traditional currencies.

Shiba Inu Pushes For SHIB Integration on X Payments

While there is no official statement regarding whether X Payments will support cryptos, Shiba Inu community members have embarked on an initiative to push for SHIB’s integration into the upcoming service.

In a tweet today, Shiba Inu marketing lead Lucie took to the X platform to explain why SHIB should be supported on X Payments. According to Lucie, SHIB deserves to be added as a payment method on X due to the number of engagements the crypto asset records on a daily basis.

She made this known while reacting to a tweet posted by Musk today. In the post, Musk bragged about X being the platform where the news happens first.

𝕏 is where news happens first

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 22, 2024

As expected, Lucie’s tweet also attracted the attention of other Shiba Inu community members who declared their support for the initiative. So far, the tweet has attracted over 200 likes, 58 reposts, and 21 comments.

Why X Might Add Crypto Support

In the meantime, Musk and the X team have not provided explicit details about X Payments, especially whether the service would support cryptos.

However, the crypto community is still optimistic that the X team will include crypto in the list of supported assets, given Musk’s inclination toward emerging assets. Before now, Musk’s electric car company, Tesla, added Bitcoin and Dogecoin as payment methods in its merchandise store.

Although Tesla later halted Bitcoin payments due to environmental concerns, it still supports Dogecoin payments. Furthermore, X, under the leadership of Musk, added crypto assets to its price index service, allowing users to track the performance of their favorite cryptocurrencies.

Following Musk and X’s inclination toward cryptos, there is a tendency for digital assets to be supported on X Payments.

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