Zilliqa Network Addresses Challenges Following Blockchain Upgrade

Zilliqa Network Addresses Challenges Following Blockchain Upgrade

Zilliqa blockchain announced an update to version 9.3.0 on Tuesday and informed the community of its successful transition on Saturday. It noted that the network has consistently produced blocks and processed transactions since the upgrade.

The network said, “With such a significant upgrade, it is expected that there will be some initial challenges, which we are actively addressing and resolving.”

Zilliqa Network informs of initial upgrade issues

The network upgrade led to initial API performance issues, which Zilliqa said it addressed earlier this week. Additionally, the ZilBridge service, maintained by Switcheo, is facing downtime. The suspected cause is a software bug that emerged during the upgrade, hindering the PolyNetwork/Zilliqa interface.

In this regard, the network added, “This is not code Zilliqa have control over but we will continue to provide support to Switcheo and we suggest you refer to them directly for a timeline for resolution.”

Post-upgrade, some exchanges reported integration delays. While most issues have been reportedly resolved, Zilliqa said it is waiting for feedback from a few exchanges and is providing customized assistance to expedite their return to full operation.

Mining pools have also faced challenges, particularly with batch transactions. An API update aimed at addressing these problems has been recently implemented, Zilliqa confirmed.

Concerns about the rewards system are acknowledged by Zilliqa, and the governance-approved system is believed to be functioning correctly. The level of rewards will undergo a review in February, with a report to be published on GitHub.

Node synchronization and startup issues have also been reported, particularly by some SSN operators.

ZIL sees an upsurge

The news of the successful upgrade comes after Zilliqa informed its community of a critical situation impacting the network in December. It noted a technical issue caused an interruption in block production. Zilliqa prompted a temporary recommendation for partners to halt deposits and withdrawals on the network at the time.

Meanwhile, the Zilliqa network boasts over 62 million transactions, 4.7 million addresses, and 600 nodes, with a block height of over 3.4 million. At the time of writing, the network’s transaction per second (TPS) rate stands at 0.06.

The entire network has a total value locked of $4 million based on DefiLlama data. Meanwhile, the native ZIL token is priced at $0.02276505 at press time. It experienced a 2.7% increase over the past 24 hours and a 9.2% decrease over the last week, as per CoinGecko.

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