Next Solana? Aptos (APT) Records Eye-Catching 43% Surge in User Base

Next Solana? Aptos (APT) Records Eye-Catching 43% Surge in User Base

In a remarkable development, the Aptos blockchain, spearheaded by Meta’s Diem engineers, has witnessed an explosive surge in activity, signaling a potential paradigm shift in the digital asset landscape. Aptos Explorer data reveals a staggering 43% spike in active accounts, soaring from 667,382 to an impressive 955,961 between Dec. 23 and the present day.

During this period, the daily active users of the Aptos blockchain peaked at an astonishing 113,480 on Dec. 26, reflecting robust engagement within the network. Notably, the highest transaction activity was recorded on Dec. 24, registering an impressive 3.88 million transactions. The peak transactions per second (tps), a crucial metric for evaluating blockchain efficiency, hit a zenith on Dec. 29 at 323.

Closer look at Aptos (APT) token

The native blockchain token, APT, experienced a roller-coaster ride in tandem with the heightened activity. Witnessing a surge of over 17%, the token reached a peak, only to undergo a correction of 13.5%. Currently valued at $9.54 per token, APT boasts a market capitalization of $2.93 billion, securing the 32nd position among all cryptocurrencies.

Since its mainstream launch in October 2022, Aptos has garnered attention as the potential “Solana killer,” drawing parallels with the influential blockchain outlier. The surge in online activity, coupled with unexpected bursts, often heralds significant price movements. After hitting a local bottom in mid-October, APT has demonstrated impressive growth, surging by 118% in alignment with broader crypto market trends.

The question now arises: Does the surge in user activity hint at a prolonged rally for the APT token? The crypto community for sure awaits further developments in “the next Solana” journey.

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