Top Trader Henrik Zeberg Prepares for Biggest Crash Since 1929

Top Trader Henrik Zeberg Prepares for Biggest Crash Since 1929

Renowned trader Henrik Zeberg has issued a dire warning about an impending global financial collapse, anticipating the most significant crash since the infamous 1929 downturn.

Zeberg has been consistent in expressing his concerns throughout the year, firmly asserting that a catastrophic crash is imminent in the years 2024-2025.

Zeberg’s predictions gain credence from his earlier statements made in January, where he outlined a unique perspective on market dynamics. Despite being recognized as a major bear, Zeberg believes that the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq will reach all-time highs before the impending crash.

He suggests a surprising shift in sentiment, where bears will transform into bulls just before the markets experience a historic downturn.

From January 2023…..


Now I say that #BlowOffTop will peak in an extreme top in 2024 and the #GreatDeflationaryBust will begin.

Bulls will get crushed!

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— Henrik Zeberg (@HenrikZeberg) December 21, 2023

The basis for Zeberg’s alarming forecast lies in his analysis of various economic indicators, including U.S. unemployment rates, the NAHB Housing Market Index and stock market indices. He contends that the current economic landscape mirrors that of the lead-up to the 1929 crash, emphasizing the severity of the impending collapse.

Blow off top

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Zeberg predicts a “Blow Off Top” in 2024, signifying the peak before a prolonged period of deflationary bust. In this scenario, he foresees a crushing blow to bullish investors as the global economy undergoes significant tectonic shifts.

Cryptocurrencies, labeled as the riskiest assets in their class, are expected to be particularly vulnerable to the impending market turmoil.

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