Wild Bitcoin Statement About BTC ETF by Anthony Pompliano Follows BTC Rise Close to $43,000

Wild Bitcoin Statement About BTC ETF by Anthony Pompliano Follows BTC Rise Close to $43,000

Entrepreneur, investor and podcaster with a massive audience Anthony Pompliano took to the X/Twitter platform to deliver an important message about Bitcoin, Bitcoin spot ETFs and their impact on the BTC price.

Even though Pompliano does not expect a massive Bitcoin price surge to happen immediately, here’s why. In the meantime, Bitcoin has added nearly 3% and is approaching the $43,000 level on the charts.

“Wild” Bitcoin prediction from Pompliano

Pomp, who recently returned to praising Bitcoin on his Twitter account, made several statements on Bitcoin that caught the attention of the cryptocurrency community. First, he said that more than 90% of all Bitcoins have already been put into circulation by miners. The overall supply of BTC constitutes 21 million, and almost all of that amount has been minted already.

More than 90% of all bitcoin is already in circulation.

70%+ is held by people who refuse to sell.

Tens of billions of dollars of demand are on the way with the spot ETF.

You learned what happens next when your Economics 101 professor taught you supply and demand.


— Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano) December 19, 2023

Second, Pompliano reminded the community that more than 70% of the circulating Bitcoin is held by investors who would not consider selling BTC. Third, “tens of billions of dollars of demand are on the way with the spot ETF.” This is the practical meaning of the “supply and demand topic” taught in colleges in economics classes, he added, stating that what is happening on the Bitcoin market right now is nothing but “wild.”

Pomp believes Bitcoin ETF is ultra-bullish, but here’s the catch

Responding to a commentator, Pompliano stated he believes that the expected-in-the-near-future approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs is “ultra-bullish” for Bitcoin. However, the problem here is he believes that a BTC ETF launch would not cause the Bitcoin price to double overnight since the market is unlikely to see exponential momentum even with an inflow of $50 billion.

I believe the ETF is an ultra bullish development but still won’t double the price overnight, etc.

You have correctly highlighted the nuance of an already large market that is unlikely to be moved exponentially with $50 billion of inflow.

— Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano) December 19, 2023

As of this writing, the flagship cryptocurrency is changing hands at $42,815. Earlier today, BTC printed a 2.75% increase to the $42,950 level. Since Bitcoin’s massive fall from the $44,000 high on Dec. 10, over the past 10 days, it has been striving to recapture that level; however, it has not been able to break through the resistance of $43,300.

Prominent analyst Michael van de Poppe believes that, by now, the correction is over, and now Bitcoin is about to reverse and resume the rally, which brought it above $44,000 earlier in December.

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