Shiba Inu (SHIB) Golden Cross Invalidated? Price Makes Unexpected Move

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Golden Cross Invalidated? Price Makes Unexpected Move

Shiba Inu has taken a steep dive from its recent high above $0.00001, practically invalidating the golden cross setup. The asset’s price has now breached a critical support level, a movement that has not only taken the market by surprise but also triggered a sense of caution among holders.

The golden cross, a scenario where a short-term moving average crosses above a long-term moving average, often indicates a potential rally. SHIB investors were looking forward to such a rally, but the quick reversal has led to a potential invalidation of this bullish setup. As the asset struggles to maintain its foothold, the likelihood of trouble ahead increases, especially for those who invested during the golden cross formation in anticipation of an upswing.


An analysis of the price chart reveals the volatility that SHIB has undergone. After experiencing an impressive surge that placed it above the much-celebrated $0.00001 mark, the reversal was abrupt, with the price slicing through a pivotal support level. This sharp downturn is a stark reminder of the high-risk environment that encompasses trading in meme tokens like SHIB, which often lack a concrete use case to bolster their valuation.

The current market scenario for SHIB illustrates the asset’s vulnerability to sudden shifts in investor sentiment and market dynamics. Without a distinct use case, the token’s value is predominantly driven by market speculation and social media trends, rather than fundamental developments within the project. This inherent weakness may continue to expose SHIB to abrupt price changes, leaving the token at the mercy of the broader market’s whims.

Dogecoin took punch

Dogecoin is experiencing significant instability following a period of impressive gains. The latest price chart reflects a downturn, suggesting that the exuberant rally may be losing steam amid a broader market correction. This correction casts a shadow over the future of DOGE’s valuation, with concerns that it may not recover within the current market cycle due to an absence of growth factors.

DOGE’s journey has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride, with its price soaring to unprecedented heights on the back of a strong community and notable endorsements. However, as the market faces a general downturn, DOGE seems to be relinquishing most of its gains. This decline is not an isolated event but a reflection of the correction that we are witnessing on the market right now.

The chart analysis indicates that DOGE had a commendable run, rallying to levels that excited the crypto community. However, the recent price action reveals a significant retraction. This reversion can be attributed to the aforementioned correction. While the bull market might not have concluded entirely, the lack of new growth drivers for Dogecoin raises doubts about its ability to rebound in the current cycle.

Solana still in uptrend

Solana is walking a price tightrope after a thrilling rally. The latest charts depict a currency gradually leaving its recently gained value, as the market enters a corrective phase. This downturn has triggered active profit-taking among holders, particularly those who were previously in loss, leading to increased selling pressure on the asset.

The recent rally provided a much-needed respite for Solana investors, many of whom had endured losses due to the asset’s earlier volatility. However, with the tide turning, those same investors appear eager to secure their gains, contributing to the price decline. This behavior underscores the fragile confidence among holders, hinting at the prevalence of “shaky hands” — investors who may rapidly exit their positions at signs of market stress.

The price chart for Solana signals that while the rally was robust, the momentum has waned. The asset now faces a crucial juncture as it attempts to establish a strong defense against further depreciation. Market participants are closely monitoring SOL’s response to this downturn, as it could set the tone for future price movements.

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