Nocturne Launches on Mainnet to Bring Private Accounts to Ethereum

Nocturne Launches on Mainnet to Bring Private Accounts to Ethereum

NEW YORK – Nocturne, a protocol enabling on-chain private accounts, today announced the successful deployment of Nocturne v1 to Ethereum mainnet. This marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more private and accessible Ethereum. For the first time, users will have a compatible and easy-to-use product resembling a private onchain account.

Nocturne v1 offers a user experience similar to using a smart contract wallet, with the added benefit of privacy. Transacting with Nocturne will feel familiar and straightforward.

Currently, Nocturne v1 is compatible with any DeFi protocol that represents state via output tokens, including Uniswap swap tokens, Aave aTokens, Compound cTokens, and more. The project has plans to expand this compatibility to include a broader range of protocols in the future.

Luke Tchang, the CEO and co-founder of Nocturne, highlighted the importance of this launch, saying, “With the launch of Nocturne v1, we’re moving away from the idea of a ‘privacy tool.’ We believe privacy should be integrated at the account layer, and the v1 launch is the first step in making this a reality.”
“Our goal is to ensure that everyone, from individual users to large institutions, can transact securely without exposing their financial history to the world.”

Luke Tchang, CEO & co-founder of Nocturne
“This is more than just a product; it’s a commitment to making Ethereum more accessible and enabling secure and private transactions over the internet,” added Luke.

At the heart of Nocturne’s mission is the belief that privacy on public blockchains will only gain mainstream acceptance when it seamlessly integrates with the existing user experience. Nocturne’s overarching objective is simple: to create private user accounts on both Layer 1 (L1) and Layer 2 (L2) that are fully compatible with existing Ethereum accounts.

Privacy has emerged as a key factor for the growth of Ethereum.

Despite the surge in popularity of DeFi and other on-chain activities, concerns about privacy have hindered the broader adoption and use of cryptocurrencies as a form of money. Recognizing that privacy is crucial for both individual users and institutions, Nocturne is addressing these barriers head-on. It’s not just a feature; it’s a foundational element for the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Looking ahead, Nocturne envisions a future where the user experience is so seamless that every Ethereum user automatically has a private account that mirrors their public account—a parallel account layer for privacy. To achieve this long-term vision, Nocturne has laid out several plans:

Transition to a more permissionless protocol by migrating to proof of innocence, as outlined in Vitalik Buterin and Ameen Solemani’s Practical Privacy & Compliance paper.
Extend Nocturne’s protocol compatibility to arbitrary smart contracts, making Nocturne accounts more versatile as general wallets.
Improve the compatibility of Nocturne accounts with Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) and smart accounts by introducing a scheme that leverages public wallet authorization within Nocturne for enhanced security.

For those eager to experience Nocturne v1, a dedicated private vault UI has been provided, enabling users to discreetly manage their assets. The current capabilities of the UI include deposits, transfers to new burner addresses, private swaps, and staking. To get started, simply visit

About Nocturne Labs

Nocturne Labs is a leading blockchain technology company dedicated to addressing the most critical privacy and user experience challenges within the Ethereum ecosystem. With their pioneering protocol for private accounts, Nocturne empowers users to transact securely with built-in privacy, marking a significant leap forward in improving the usability of public blockchains.

Supported by renowned investors such as Bain Capital Crypto, Polychain Capital, Bankless, and Vitalik Buterin, Nocturne is led by a team of seasoned developers committed to making Ethereum more secure and accessible. For more information, visit

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