XRP Ledger Gets New Proposal, Here’s What This Will Change

XRP Ledger Gets New Proposal, Here’s What This Will Change

A new XLS specification has just been released for XRP Ledger, according to Mayukha Vadari, a RippleX senior software engineer, on X.

The proposal “XLS-49d: Multiple Signer Lists” would enable support for multiple signer lists per account.

New XLS spec just dropped (written by yours truly): https://t.co/BpaknaWrdF

— Mayukha Vadari (@msvadari) November 13, 2023

At the moment, XRP Ledger only supports one global signer list per account. However, many users (for example, token issuers) need more granularity. For example, they may wish to have one signer list that can mint new tokens and another signer list that can create and edit trust lines.

The current system of global signer lists will continue to be supported as the proposal aims to only add per-transaction-type signer lists. Accounts can create signer lists that only allow certain types of transactions to be sent on their behalf.

The new proposal is similar to XLS-31d, which proposes to allow specific ledger transaction types to have their own Signer Quorum, but it is more comprehensive in scope.

XRP Ledger amendments progress

According to the XRPscan X page, another XRP Ledger amendment, the “fixNFTokenRemint” amendment, has achieved a majority and entered a 14-day activation countdown period. The amendment adds a new field, FirstNFTSequence, to prevent reminting.

XRP Ledger’s amendment process only allows protocol changes after two weeks of more than 80% validator support. Thus, the NFT amendment might pass if this scenario holds.

Over the weekend, the “fixReducedOffersV1” amendment, which fixes a minor issue with DEX offers, gained support from over 80% of validators and entered a two-week countdown period.

Given the progress made by these amendments, XRPL node operators are recommended to upgrade to the newest version, 1.12.0, as they risk being amendment-blocked if this is not done.

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