Brave Browser Partners With Inspect To Bring A New Look To Web3 Browsing

Brave Browser Partners With Inspect To Bring A New Look To Web3 Browsing

Inspect has partnered with Brave Browser to offer a seamless browsing experience to millions of users who want enhanced privacy and accessibility. According to the announcement, Inspect is approaching more than 57 million users across Brave, meaning those users can download the first Layer 2 solution built on X (aka Twitter). At the forefront of the Web3 bridge, Inspect is helping to attract a new wave of retail users, giving them a competitive advantage in the market through proprietary extensions.

One of Inspect’s standout offerings is its revolutionary Layer 2 solutions for Crypto Twitter, which are transforming cryptocurrency and social media. However, this partnership with Brave Browser has the potential to expand their reach and influence, benefiting both existing Brave users and those new to the Inspect ecosystem. Additionally, Inspect is preparing for significant L1 integrations with leading blockchains such as Polygon, Avalanche, MultiversX and Ronin in the coming week.

Brave Browser users who sign up for Brave Rewards can earn a privacy-preserving Basic Attention Token (BAT) by viewing specially placed third-party advertisements. This aligns closely with Inspect’s goal of increasing Web3 accessibility and engagement. Additionally, the collaboration could integrate Brave Wallet, allowing users to buy, store, send and trade various cryptocurrencies and NFTs, making Inspect users’ access to the world of cryptocurrencies more convenient.

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