HBAR May Hold More Promise Than XRP, According to Analyst

HBAR May Hold More Promise Than XRP, According to Analyst

An analyst from the YouTube channel Classy Crypto believes that Hedera (HBAR) is currently a better value for money than Ripple (XRP). In a recent analysis, he shared that HBAR has a better risk to reward ratio than the popular remittance token.

When comparing the two, the analyst noted that HBAR has a higher network throughput than Ripple. In addition to this, Hedera has fixed transaction fees, while XRP’s network fees are variable depending on network demand at any given time.

Another key point brought forward by the analyst is that HBAR does not have a specific purpose. Meanwhile, XRP is aiming to become a major player in the banking industry. This led the analyst to state that HBAR’s promise may be far greater than that of XRP given the fact that its potential is still being explored by multiple industries.

Although HBAR holds more promise than XRP, there are still a series of unlocking events that need to take place for HBAR. Consequently, determining the ideal time to buy into the altcoin may be rather challenging, according to the Classy Crypto analyst.

Despite him favoring HBAR over XRP, he did share that he is bullish on both altcoins. When it comes to XRP, he predicted that Ripple may conclude its long-standing lawsuit with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) soon and emerge victorious against the agency. Subsequently, XRP’s price could surge.

Towards the end of the video, the analyst predicted that HBAR may soon rise to $0.20. Meanwhile, he believes that XRP’s market cap could rise in the future – potentially boosting its ranking to the 3rd or 4th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap.

At press time, CoinMarketCap indicated that XRP saw its price drop 0.24% throughout the past day of trading. Similarly, HBAR also suffered a 24-hour loss as its value slipped 0.48% during the same time period.

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